Rig Move

Hetco provides a full rig move service; route identification, assisting rig down, transport of components and rig and assisting rig-up. Staying within our core functions of transport and cranage, rig move services are firmly within our field of expertise. We customize the rig move with specialized equipment to meet the unique and changing demands of today’s rigs. All of equipment provided is owned by HETCO which makes it available to keep up with the transport demands of the oil field.

We start the process by conducting a rig road survey where we identify and document the most ideal route. Next we pinpoint areas along the route of concern prior to release. Upon release we work to move the rig to the new location in the shortest period of time knowing that time is of the essence. All equipment and personnel on the rig are certified, qualified and experienced in their job and work as a team to move the rig in the shortest time frame with safety as a top priority.